About EGSAC and our Mission

EGSAC is a student run group that mostly organizes social events aimed at bringing the graduate (and post-doc) community closer together. We also serve as a forum for student concerns and represent those concerns to the administration or faculty.

EGSAC sponsors the annual events fall trip to a group of cabins at Long Pond in southeastern Massachusetts. Long Pond is a fantastic opportunity for new and old students to get to know one another at the start of the academic year.

Peer Hour is a weekly EGSAC sponsored event held every Friday at 5:30 on the 9th floor of building 54. With food and drinks, this is a great place to hang out, see people from other floors, and to meet up with people for evening plans. At the first Peer Hour of both semesters we order lots of pizza, and throughout the year we have random theme parties as decided by each week’s hosts.

In addition to these regular events, EGSAC sponsors basically anything anyone is willing to organize. In the past we’ve done trips to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, theatre performances in Cambridge and Boston, Imax movies, bowling and sporting events. If you have a good idea for a program or event, please don’t hesitate to contact the Social Chair.

EGSAC also organizes IM Sports teams. Depending on interest, we’ve had teams in badminton, basketball, volleyball, bowling, air pistol, football, soccer, team tennis, ultimate frisbee and ice hockey. It’s easy to contact the Sports Czar if you’re interested in organizing or participating on an IM team, or sign up at the first Peer Hour of the year.

It’s easy to get involved! Just come to our semi-regular meetings to see what’s going on. There’s often free food! We’ll notify you about meetings and events by email.

You can find a list of the organizing officers here, or by navigating with the above tabs. Feel free to contact us anytime with ideas to improve EGSAC or questions that you have.

And finally, be sure to subscribe to our Twitter feed! Regular announcements and helpful graduate school information can be found there.

(Updated 09.12.16)